ABOUT 213games

213games is an exciting gaming portal that offers thousands of free games. 213games does not require registration and never requires a credit card or any payment from our players.

Clear Behavior - 213games makes the user experience clear and easy to understand:

  • 213games offers free games in exchange for agreement to install the software and receive advertising.
  • Advertising is served through toolbars, in-text, pop-up/under, transitional and floating ads.
  • 213games sells advertising and space in the download to third party toolbar providers.
  • Ads served by 213games will always show the 213games brand and be clickable.
  • Browser windows opened by the software will include an 213games-branded bar.
  • 213games software will not change browser settings or reset a browser’s homepage.
  • 213games software is not Spyware or Malware and will not hurt any PC.
  • 213games software does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or send any info to 3rd parties.
  • 213games has an easy to find Privacy Policy, just Click Here.
  • 213games has an easy to find Terms & Conditions, just Click Here. 

Installation & Upfront Disclosure - 213games clearly explains the uninstall process and makes it simple and easy to follow:

  • 213games has an easy to read install Primary Notice that requires no scrolling and includes full disclosure of ad serving.
  • 213games install process is 100% opt-in.
  • 213games install is a multi-step download process which makes it easy to exit anytime.
  • 213games download has no silent or forced installs.
  • All files in the software download include the 213games name.
  • Home Page, Landing Pages and this About Us Page provide clear notice of the software functionality and ad serving.
  • Simple Removal - 213games makes the uninstall process clear and easy to understand:

  • 213games software removal can be performed manually anytime, just Click Here.
  • Add/Remove 213games software instructions are easy to find, just Click Here.
  • All 213games ads are branded and include direct links to the software removal process.
  • All 213games ads include a link to 213games customer support where you can find 213games’s phone and email contact information.
  • Users receive a confirmation page after every download which includes removal instructions.
  • All 213games files are removed upon uninstall.
  • No apps are installed or software is left behind when 213games software is removed.